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About Bernice...

  • Bernice Christianson and her husband, Howard, moved in 2008 to their home near Ben Young Hill in Clarksville, where they live with a dog and two cats. Bernice served as town supervisor of the checklist and was a founding member of the Northern Coos County Democratic Committee and delegate to the Democratic State Convention.

  • Bernice is a retired Interfaith minister with a BA in Divinity and an associate degree in applied sciences, human services. She is a Lightworker graduate and has worked with physically and mentally challenged individuals and for the Probation office in the Delaware Department of Corrections. She has traveled in Holland, Denmark, Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland, France, Mexico, Guam, and Canada.

  • She believes that Coos County District One is neglected because it is remote from Concord. She says, “With the loss of jobs from the Balsams, Ethan Allen and Manchester Manufacturing and with the decline in farming, we must attract new businesses that will provide a living wage. The American dream is still possible without working three jobs. Senior citizens should not have to choose between medication and groceries."

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Why am I running? 

“I am running for the New Hampshire House of Representatives because I believe we can do better for District One. Together we can halt this downward spiral so that the top of our state will light up and glow.”
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Let's Make a Difference

We need to look towards the future for generations to come. 
“Our youth deserve a safe environment, excellent education, meals,
school supplies, up to-date textbooks and top-notch,
well-paid teachers

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Let's Make a Difference!

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Future Generations

Let's do it for them!

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Beauty of the North Country

We need to protect our resources.

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Our lakes

Calm beauty